The Best Baked Tortilla Chips

I cannot believe that for as much corn as I consume I have never attempted my own tortilla chips, until now and it is officially my new obsession.  Being a connoisseur of tortilla chips and with a high propensity to go past a typical serving size have tried “baked” chips but they just taste like cardboard. I end up eating way too many hoping that somewhere in the bag was something that resembled a chip.  Well, I have found the answer.  You CAN make your own delicious, baked, super low-fat tortilla chips. 

Take fresh corn tortillas and cut into triangles – or go for broke and cut your shapes.  Place on a cookie sheet, pop in the oven at 375 degrees, and bake until crunchy – about 10-20 minutes.   I did not use a drop of oil, only sprinkled with a little sea salt.  I have since tried sprinkling some chili powder on them as well which was delish so get creative.  You can actually eat the whole 12 pack of tortillas, once baked into chips for a mere 9 grams of fat! I’m not saying you should do that because it would also be about 780 calories but if you measured serving per serving of regular tortilla chips you save lots of fat, calories, and sodium.  Personally, I’d prefer the heart healthy fat of some guacamole anyways.  An even more amazing bonus – they are so economical! You can get a bag of tortillas for 99 cents, and that makes as many servings as an entire bag of store bought chips.

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