Quick, Easy Meal: Giant White Beans

I’ve been meaning to write about this notable nosh for some time, but much like a great bottle of wine its gone before I can capture the label.  This is seriously one delicious, healthy, quick, and cheap meal in minutes.

Trader Joe's Giant White Beans

Constantly on the lookout for  gluten free carbs that are not a fake version of a gluten containing counterpart, I stumbled upon this jar of Trader Joe’s Giant White Beans which I thought would make a nice pasta substitute and at $1.99 it was worth a shot. It is delicious! It’s become a house favorite and I have made several variations since first trying.  I initally found it was a little salty though, so after writing Trader Joes to see if we can get the sodium content down (yes, I did) I’ve been playing around with doctoring it up.  I chopped up a few fresh tomatoes and threw them in which helped cut the salt immensely, and added some chopped fresh parsley and basil from my garden.  To add some more nutrient density, I also added half a bag of pre-washed spinach which disappears into next to nothing for any of your veggie adverse friends family.  Heck, you could even add the whole bag to get your greens in.  It is also a great vegan or vegetarian meal, but I have served it with TJ’s chicken sausage- which works well both chopped up and thrown right into the pot or on the side. I like to throw all my extras in a saucepan with the beans and simmer on low for a bit to let the flavors meld. 

Even with all the extras like spinach and sausage, it costs about $2.75 per meal per person.  Now who says eating healthy is expensive? I just planted a whole slew of bean in my garden so I’ll have to write again in a few months when I attempt to make this from scratch!

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