Thanksgiving is one of the biggest eating holidays of the year, and yes the large majority of us way overdo it- even this dietitan.  In fact, the average calorie intake of an American’s Thanksgiving Day is about 3,700 calories.  There’s 3,500 calories in 1 pound so you do the math.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll walk out of mom’s house with an extra pound in your pants, but it often marks the slippery slope into that ‘holiday weight gain’.  It’s because we start on Thanksgiving and don’t stop eating until January 1s

Sure it’s nice to enjoy the food, but what’s most important about the holidays is being with the people you love; focus on who’s around the table not just what’s on it. The memories created, traditions shared, are what we want to linger- not extra pounds.  So on this Thanksgiving, my Turkey Tip is to practice gratitude, not gluttony.  Be thankful for all that you have, and let that fill you up instead of the third helping of stuffing.

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