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The Big Fat Truth

TweetA recent study suggests that not all folks carrying extra weight are doomed to death, rather the contrary – that some people who are overweight may actually have a lower mortality rate than their skinnier counterparts.  This study of course … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Saving Money on a Gluten Free Diet

TweetMay is Celiac Disease Awareness month, and perhaps all the discussion may have gotten you thinking gluten free.  Even though embracing a gluten free diet is the best and only treatment for celiac disease, people are going gluten free for … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayo, sans Guilt

TweetCinco de Mayo- we sure love any day (or excuse) to have some guacamole and knock back a margarita, myself included.  As a general rule, I chose my calories wisely and sneak vegetables into everything I can so this festive … Continue reading

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So Long Eden

TweetEden Organics is one of the largest independent organic food manufacturers in the US, but they are making a move that proves not all those that eat organics are tree hugging hippies.  No siree, Eden’s owner Michael Potter feels his … Continue reading

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