So Long Eden

Eden Organics is one of the largest independent organic food manufacturers in the US, but they are making a move that proves not all those that eat organics are tree hugging hippies.  No siree, Eden’s owner Michael Potter feels his religious freedom is being violated by allowing women access to contraceptives- so he’s suing the Obama administration.

Ok, I’ll state the obvious – I’m guessing Michael Potter doesn’t have a womb so it’s really none of his business. In fact, he should truly mind his business, one that will inevitably slip due to this strong, public lawsuit.   It’s one thing if you don’t agree with contraception, I edenmean Michael Potter can choose to not go on the pill, but to take legal action to make sure his female employees cannot (which is likely if it stops being covered under their hard earned employee insurance)  – well that’s a whole other can of organic beans.   Eden organics, like many companies who are now opposing the contraception rule, have already been paying for their employee’s contraception for many (many) years- oops.

Eden foods is suing the Obama administration over a clause in the Affordable Care Act that requires health insurance offered by employers to provide contraceptive coverage to workers.   Sadly Mr. Potter (yes, that name evokes images of the miserable old miser in It’s a Wonderful Life) remains unaware that a staggering number of Eden organics consumers happen to be comprised of liberal-leaning females- oops again Mr. Potter. 

I am one of those people who looks closely at the companies that get my money, and don’t support ones I don’t jive with but I am also a tree hugger so that’s just me.  Domino’s pizza is also on the side of Eden, but I don’t eat Domino’s because I find their offerings rather disgusting. We live in an age and a country where our options are endless so it’s wise to spend your hard-earned money in support of companies their share your beliefs.   I encourage you to read more on the topic yourself so you can decide:

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