Summer Salad ‘Stravaganza

In an effort to save time and excuses, here’s an excuse-proof way to get in your greens with some easy summer salads. 

I just mixed up this giant bowl of salad which is now ready for the week so I can just grab and go.  The mix included is mainly pre-washed, some even pre-cut (gasp!) Of course it’s also very inexpensive and although the picture may not show it, this is one big ass bowl of salad.  Up in this mix is:

  • Shredded cabbagepremade salad
  • Romaine leaves (leftovers from the farmer’s market)
  • Random radicchio
  • Shredded carrots – you can buy them this way or I used my Cuisinart to shred my random farmer’s market carrots, which is equally as fun as it is energy efficient. I’d call this my female equivalent to a man’s joy of power tools
  • A whole pack of Trader Joe’s Healthy 8’s: a chopped up mix of broccoli, jicama, celery, radish, carrots, green and red cabbage, and bell pepper.  Ahhmazing, and adds a nice refreshing crunch

Now, I also like mixed baby greens which I also prepped but those will wilt faster than the rest of this salad mix so I keep it separate.  Nothings grosser than wilted baby greens, ick.

This week I’ll be mix-mastering salad re-mixes and will post the meal time magic.  Tonight’s was BBQ chicken salad, as pictured.  I topped my salad mix with leftover BBQ bbqchxsaladchicken, black beans, corn relish, and some avocado.  I cut up 1 corn tortilla into strips (didn’t even use the whole thing) and toasted in my toaster oven for some crunch, and I confess I did add a little bit of a yogurt-based low-fat ranch dressing (but its so strangely good with the tang of the BBQ sauce!) I’ve had a similar salad at a local restaurant and it was so good, but I knew I could make it at home, and much less of a fat bomb.  It was indeed delish, and I am oh so full.

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