Killing it Kale Salad

As I approach turning another year old, a strange phenomenon has occurred.  Instead of annual lamenting shortcomings or missed arbitrary timeline bullshit like ‘by this age I should have had x’; I’ve decided that none of it matters and am whole heartedly owning all that is me.  It was like a weight was lifted and guess what happens when you clear all the negative craptalk out? You realize you’re killing it.  And I am killing it.

Today’s inspiration arrived in the form of a 1 minute sprint on the treadmill. There’s always a certain level of friendly competition in Bootcamp and the competitive gent next to me said “Ok Colleen.  In 20 seconds we are going to 12.” As in 12.0 in speed.  I was already at 11.0, which I’ve never done before in my life. Hell, just a few short months ago I was adamant about the fact that I am NOT a runner.  I of course said “Hell no!” The reply was: “Hey, even if you fall off the treadmill, at least you fell trying.” Words of wisdom.  So to 12.0 I went and nearly pooped my pants but I did it- and it was amazing.  Why? Because I’m killing it, and when you’re killing it you know there’s nothing that can stop you.

I’m aware everyone has different goals and different arenas where we’re winning so today I ask you to ask yourself: Where are you killing it? Probably a lot more places than you think.  We can be our own worst critic and too quick to bad cop ourselves right into complacency but that is so not productive (and sooo 2013).  It’s awesome to set goals for yourself and continue to evolve as we climb up the beanstalk of life. It’s not ok, however, to lose sight of what an amazing being you are right now.  Not tomorrow, not when you get your raise, not when you lose 15 pounds but TODAY.

 Did you rock that report that was due today? Killing it.  Did you manage to actually put away the laundry you washed? Killing it. Did you make it to the gym? Killing it.  See how easy this is?

Today’s lunch became Killing It Kale Salad. If you eat kale, you’re already killing it and this recipe is super easy, nutritious as all get out, and of course, delish.  There’s a small and large bag of this kale slaw pictured.  This recipe is for the small, and should be doubled if you use the big bag.

2 teaspoons Dijon mustardkaleslaw

Juice from half a fresh lime, and half a fresh lemon (or a whole one of either but I like the flavor mix)

½ fresh avocado

Raw pumpkin seeds (optional)

Fresh ground pepper to taste

Mix mustard, lemon, lime juice, and pepper in a small bowl to make the dressing.  Pour kale slaw into a large bowl and top with dressing.  Scoop out the avocado and, using your hands, mash it through the kale until the leaves are equally covered.  Not only is this fun, but it also helps begin the breakdown of kale because raw kale can be tough to digest.   Top with raw pumpkin seeds, and high five yourself for killing it in the kitchen.

 Sassy Tip: The slaw gets a little mushy the next day, so if you’re making extra just keep the avo and dressing on the side until ready to serve.    

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  1. Irene says:

    Very inspiring, Colleen! I always enjoy reading your blog! And I’m definitely going to try this salad. Sounds delicious!

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