Get Back Home

“Once there was a way, to get back homeward. Once there was a way, to get back home.” -The Beatles

While I’ve been effervescing over our current state of affairs, I’ve found myself repeatedly listening to “Golden Slumbers” by The Beatles.  The relevancy finally hit me today: There is a way to get back home.  And that’s where we need to head, ASAP.   Today is the day many of us have been dreading, but like it or not it is here.

Where ‘home’ is exactly is not a geographic location, but back to the home in our hearts where can all collectively live if we choose to.  The home we came from, the abode of infinite love we are born with yet so consistently wander away from.  In times like these, it’s hard to go home.  There are so many upsetting things happening; so much hate, so much disparity.  So we leave our hearts, our home, because it feels to be too much heartbreak to bear.

We become the mayor of Crazy Town, we pillage Pillville, we dance in Drunktown, and we voyeur in  Vengeance Village.  Anything to not be home, to totally check out and avoid the homesorrow yet that place from which we stray is exactly the place with a fire in the hearth waiting for our return.  So many of us have traveled so far away we don’t know how to get back, or what home even looked like.

We are a divided nation, and the only place we can go is home.  It is the only place where there are no left or right wings, no political agendas- just love. And it is the only thing that can save this country.  As many of us have learned the hard way, we can no longer debate or have respectful conversations about world issues.  It’s a shame, but it’s a fact and the sooner we figure that out the better we will be.

The battle that is about to ensure will not be won by trying to get someone else to see your point of view on issues, it will be won by shining your bright light on the truth.  Being the truth and walking in it.  It is critical to understand that the person calling you names because he is pro-life and you are pro-choice has simply lost his way.  Anyone residing in love doesn’t try to tell you what to do with your body nor criticize you for doing the best you can. Period.

There are a shocking number of people who wandered too far from home and are lost and afraid.  These are the people who are reacting out of fear, lashing out like a caged animal and jumping on the hate train.  Trump offered a path; a promise of a home which when scared alone seemed like a good idea. “Oh yes, there are other people here lost like me, and they seem to feel the same way I do.”  Yet it is literally the blind leading the blind and where they are headed is nowhere close to home.

It is not easy to be a sensitive person in the world right now, it’s simply not.  There have been too many times to count that with tear drenched eyes I shake my fists at the sky wondering why the heck I’m so damned sensitive.   I made the fatal mistake yesterday of engaging in a conversation on a political post with strangers. I know better, I know I shouldn’t do it, but I slipped.  It was as expected – name calling, no reason or facts, and just plain idiocrasy. I was livid, but I had to remind myself to rise above.

It seems unfair.  Unfair that when you are home, you are the one who needs to walk away from those throwing hate when indeed what they are doing is unjust. It sucks to be called a f#$%ing dumb liber-a-tard simply because I asked why there has to be name calling.   It feels wrong that all my sensitive beings are heartbroken and sad because we fear for our fellow man while a narcissist sociopath has made it to the highest office a person can hold in this country.   I have wrestled with these thoughts for months but the time has come to shut down the pity party and take action.

We can look at our sensitivity as a burden, or we can see the silver lining and know that we have been blessed with awareness and tolerance.  It is truly a gift and we need to appreciate it.  We are incredibly lucky to have the innate capacity to love as big as we do. To feel to the depths we do, in the purest form of empathy, is beautiful and we’re damn lucky.

The mourning time is over because we have work to do. It is now more than ever that we need get home, and by example show others the way as well.  Our duty has fallen upon us, and we have a great responsibility because we face opposition that cannot communicate in a reasonable fashion.  Where I depart from The Beatles’ genius is the next lyric where they say “sleep pretty darling.”  This is not the time to sleep, but rather to wake up- and be alert.

It up to us to rise above, and not get sucked into the hate spewing.   Yes, YOU have to be the one to turn the other cheek but while you’re turning call your Senator.  When you’re walking away from an argument walk straight into a food bank and volunteer.  Instead of betting money on Trump’s inevitable mistakes donate to your local Planned Parenthood.

When you’re home, you know that what happens to your neighbor happens to you.  Home feels like a mighty vulnerable place right now but your vulnerability is your authenticity, and your authenticity is your freedom.  The ‘smiles that await you when you rise’ will not be from slumber but from rising up to match your destiny.

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